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Our goal here at AVWORX is not just to offer only high performance, high quality equipment that can't be experience anywhere else. But also to provide services and craftsmanship you can rely on. As an AVWORX customer you can expect clean friendly technicians.

Home Audio/Video:
Today's audio and video distribution systems offer great performance, convenience, efficiency and flexibility, and are more affordable than ever! Multiple audio and video sources are available in unlimited locations with powerful control via touchpanels and handheld remote controls. With this type of control we can centrally locate all the equipment, which saves space and resources. Combined with today's space saving flat screen TVs, we no longer require equipment located near them. The days of using inefficient volume controls are gone, allowing higher quality audio distribution. Speaker products have reached new levels of performance and application. AVWORX has all the latest technology and expertise to design and install your new or upgraded AV system.

Home Theater:
Why should you have the company that installs $100,000 home theater systems, install your $10,000 home theater system? OK, we've installed systems that, frankly, alone cost more than many complete homes. And that's a real advantage to you if you're considering (like most of our customers) something not quite so extravagant. We learn a lot from "cost no object" installations that we can bring to all installations. We find components that work particularly well together. We can place and install speakers, projectors and the like in a way that provides the highest performance and flexibility. The result is that, no matter what your budget, you can be assured that you're getting the very best value and performance for your investment.

Automation and Lighting Control:
Having AVWORX design and install your automation and lighting control systems allows you to combine high tech with positive environmental impact. Not only does this give you control of your surroundings, but it will also make it easy to conserve precious resources like energy, water, and time. Organizing the different systems in your home to work together can significantly reduce your energy consumption without compromising your lifestyle. Both wired and wireless solutions can be installed in new construction as well as in existing homes and businesses giving everyone the power to be "Green". Please see an AVWORX specialist soon to see how we can help.

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