Here you'll find service parts for our in-ceiling flip-down lifts, which you can purchase from us online.

We also still have a limited quanity of FLP-110 lifts, that we're offering at a discount, while supplies last.

And, if you need a little help knowing what to do, we have some helpful documents here to offer you:

Flip-Down Lift Product Manual

Limit Switch Adjustment Manual

Framing Instructions

FLP-110 Ceiling TV Lift

FLP-110 flip-down lift

For 17" to 32" LCD, LED, OLED, or plasma TVs. The FLP-110 lift can specifically accommodate TVs up to 22 in. (55.88 cm.) high by 33 in. (83.82 cm.) wide. Used for ceiling installations in the home or office, our flip-down lifts are also ideal for boats, yachts, and RVs where space is so often at a premium.


Wired Remote

A cord-connected controller you can conceal as a back up to a wireless remote, or use as the primary means to operate your lift.


IR Receiver Module

Reciever for the IR remote. Includes a 4 meter long cable.


IR Remote

Programmed to operate a Lift It flip-down TV mount using "device" DVR or AUX. Use channel + and channel - for open and close.


Lift Main Controller

The central control device that operates a Lift It flip-down TV mount.


IR Interface Cable

Connects the IR receiver module to the lift main controller.


Motor Cable Assembly

Connects the lift main controller to the motor.


Limit Switch

These switches can stop the lift from opening past a certain point.


TV Mounting Brackets

A set of mounting brackets used to attach your TV to a Lift It flip-down TV mount.



Motor for a Lift It flip-down TV mount.